Top 10 Best Trailer Tents and Folding Campers

If you love touring but sleeping in a tent is too basic and you don’t like the idea of having to store a caravan or motorhome, perhaps a trailer tent could be the answer. Find out in this guide to the best trailer tents and folding campers on the market

1 Pennine Pathfinder

From £15,995

Pennine Pathfinder Folding Camper

The newest of the Pennine collection from Pennine Outdoor Leisure combines style, luxury, practicality and comfort in this top of the range folding camper. The classic neutral colours keep it modern, crisp and clean while the array of optional extras mean this home away from home can be tailored to your exact requirements. 

Pennine Pathfinder folding camper

With a hot water system, integral central heating and an external shower, this folding camper from the Pennine Pathfinder collection has it all before we’ve even begun.

Pennine Pathfinder 
Cassette toiletSize
3-burner hobTowing:
OvenTowing Height: 139cm
Sink-basinOverall Width: 212cm
FridgeOverall Length: 488cm
External showerInternal Length: 355cm
Barbeque pointInternal Width: 198cm
Scatter cushionsErected:
Bound edge carpetLength: 600cm
Hot water systemWidth: 210cm
Integral central heatingMaximum Internal Height: 220cm
Aerial point 
Phenolic coated birch bed boards 
Cabin and awning in Isacryl fabric  
IXL lightweight fibreglass awning frame 
Alloy wheels 
Alko AKS1300 stabiliser 

2 Isabella Camp-Let Passion

from £7,799

Isabella Camp-Let Passion trailer tent

With room for the whole family, the Camp-Let Passion from Isabella is your ticket to enjoy the great outdoors with ease. Compact when towing and spacious when unfolded, this trailer tent is simple to erect and prides itself on the interior comfort. The revived design features the new colours of Raw and Nordic and has a choice of a Standard, Allround or Deluxe kitchens depending on your individual needs. 

Isabella Camp-Let Passion kitchen
Isabella Camp-Let Passion 
Veranda bar2-6
Dark sleeping compartmentsSize
Pelmet with pocketsTowing
Open and closed storage spaceOverall Length: 323cm
Direct access to under the trailerOverall Width: 160cm
Dark mattressesTowing Height: 95cm
Underbed storage attached to bottom skirtErected
Integrated curtainsLength: 575cm
Wardrobe railWidth: 400cm
Isacryl materialMaximum Internal Height: 230cm
Isaroof light UV protective acrylate-coated polyesterArea: 18m2
Zinox tubular steel frame with t-rex locking clamp 
CarbonX fibreglass frame with isaFix locking clamp 
Option of 2 extra side annexes 
Windows fold in half for a veranda window 
Independent suspension 
Spring assisted opening  
Reinforcement to pegging points and roof canvas 
Fully galvanised chassis 
Wardrobe bar 
Optional Deluxe Kitchen 

3 Opus Camper All-Road/Off-Road Air

from £20,995

Opus Camper trailer tent


Winner of various design awards, the Opus Camper is fitted with air tent tech which inflates the canvas in around 90 seconds. You won’t be getting caught out in the rain erecting this trailer tent, instead, you’ll be cosy and warm inside with the kettle already boiling!

Opus Camper trailer tent
The interior of the Air Tech tent

The Opus Camper comes in All-Road and Off-Road versions meaning this tented trailer brand gives you the option to roam to the furthest destination you can imagine. Designed for the extreme and with the space to take everything with you, the Opus Camper is purpose built for exploring the unknown.

Opus Camper trailer tent

The Off-Road Air comes with three different chassis options depending on your desired payload and just how much of the extreme stuff you plan on doing. It’s entirely between you and your map. 

Opus Camper (Off-Road Air specs) 
Air tent tech6
Integrated sprung suspensionSize
All terrain wheels and tyreTowing
230v outlet for extremal useOverall Length: 540cm
Gas outlet for external useOverall Width: 215cm
Corner steady legsTowing Height: 140cm
External storage accessErected
Optional spare wheel Length:650cm
Storage rackInternal Width: 188cm
Serrated jockey wheelOverall Height: 295cm
Stone guardMaximum Internal Height: 244cm
Gas locker 
Large storage box with slide out drawer & 12v power access 
Water inlet 
Mechanical braking system 
Increased ground clearance 
Battery box 
Stainless steel sink 
2 burner gas hob with piezo ignition 
External storage access 
External 3 burner hob and drawer 
Cabinet mounted Fridge 
Work surface and drawer unit 
Portable toilet/ storage unit 
Electric heating 
Waterproof 10 ply floor with durable vinyl flooring 
Lightweight galvanised steel off road chassis  
Overrun brakes for safe towing 
Heavy duty canvas 

4 Trigano Alpha

from £6,495

Trigano Alpha trailer tent

A luxurious two berth folding camper from Trigano for when you just need some time out. 

Ultra-compact and easy to erect, your holiday starts as soon as you arrive at the campsite. Perfect for late night card games as the wide front windows and side door panels with mesh flyscreens allow the last of the sunlight into the airy living space.

Trigano Alpha trailer tent

You can fully relax when you go away in an Alpha safe in the knowledge that you have space, comfort and ease all at your fingertips.

Trigano Alpha 
One step set up, no pegging2 (Can be 4 with additional rear annex)
Rigid coverSize
Inbuilt rackTowing
Braked axleLength: 350cm
80mm mattress thicknessWidth: 171cm
Insulated slat bed baseTow Height: 105cm
Mesh fly screen ventilation Erected
Roof and Wall Fabric – Cotton 320g/m2Length: 470cm
Wall skirt fabric – PVC coated Canvas 350g/m2Maximum Interior Height: 235cm
Towbar storage box 
Spare tyre 
Water pump 
Storage drawers 
Internal Shelves 
3 hobs 
220v plug and USB port 
Hot dip chassis galvanisation 

5 Trigano Galleon GL 

from £5,999

Trigano Galleon trailer tent

Up next is another trailer tent from Trigano. The Galleon GL is an exceptionally easy to tow, family orientated trailer tent. Everything is easy, convenient and of the upmost quality. 

The Galleon has a selection of optional awnings: Short trips and weekends, bad weather days, multi-purpose weekend and the longer holidays. The versatility of this trailer tent means it can always be your ‘go-to’ space to go away in. With mocha as the newest colour scheme, the canvas shell looks better than ever.

Trigano Galleon trailer tent

When it’s not in use it can come with side storage brackets so it can slide into a storage area on its side taking up very little space (and you won’t have to look at it and wish you were on holiday every day.)

Trigano Galleon GL  
5-year guarantee2-7
Vented windowsSize
Cabin roof liningTowing
Internal storage lockersLength: 360cm
Internal ShelvesWidth: 145cm
Kitchen OptionsTowing Height: 110cm
Washable zippered seat cushionsErected 
Zip-on bucket style ground sheetLength: 535cm
ALKO chassisWidth: 390cm
ALKO hitchMaximum Interior Height: 235cm
Optional side-stored bracket 
Optional spare wheel 
Corner steadies 
Optional annexe with bedroom and toilet area 
Optional R16 heavy duty winter storage cover 
Optional underbed compartment 

6 Raclet Safari

from £7,450

The Raclet Safari trailer tent

The Raclet Safari is the full package. It’s easy to pitch, spacious and good looking. Perfect for the family or for the comings and goings of friends with the option of using the under-beds.

The Safari is a ‘the more the merrier’ style of camping without feeling overwhelmed at the space when you’re not entertaining.

It has three different options for the kitchen unit: Internal, external, or without (you are on holiday after all.)

Folding the Raclet Safari trailer tent
Raclet Safari 
Steel poles4 (Plus optional under-bed tents)
ALKO axleSize
Roof Material: 320g/m2 cottonTowing
Wall Material: 280 g/m2 cottonLength without Kitchen: 330cm
Bedroom material: 110 g/m2 polyester cottonLength with Kitchen: 375cm
3 kitchen optionsWidth: 144cm
BrakesTow Height without Kitchen: 120/130cm
Optional under-bed tentsTow Height with Kitchen: 120/130cm
Mosquito fitted window panelsErected
Optional sun canopyLength: 500cm
King sized slatted bedsWidth: 235cm
Zip in groundsheetMaximum Interior Height: 250cm

7 Combi-Camp Country Xclusive

from €14,195

Combi-Camp Country Xclusive trailer tent

Charmingly described as a “luxurious trailer for Fairy-Tale persons” this storm proof Combi-Camp trailer tent lets you pitch wherever you like. Asphalt, gravel, sand or grass, you are always going to be more than comfortable staying in the Country Xclusive.

With a bed as good as you would get at home, wake up feeling refreshed and ready to make the most out of the camping kitchen of your dreams. No more chopping veggies whilst sitting on the floor, it’s all a comfortable work height here. 

Combi-Camp Country Xclusive trailer tent

This is a year-round camper. With 100% cotton tents, ventilation will never be a problem again, you’ll be warm when you want to be warm and cool when you want to be cool. Just what we like to hear. 

Combi-Camp Country Xclusive 
Integrated awning frame2-4
Elevated bedspringTowing
Carpet on wooden floorLength: 415cm
Front box with gas/waterWidth: 169cm
KitchenTow Height:114cm
3-burner hobErected
SinkLength: 565cm
Heat resistant glass cover platesWidth: 420cm
Dometic RC1600 fridge 
220V unit 
12V connection 
Solid floor 
Front box storage 
Luggage space spare wheel 
Overrun brakes 
Front support feet 
Shock absorbers 

8 Cabanon Mercury

from £6,695

Cabanon Mercury trailer tent

The Mercury from Cabanon possesses an exceptionally large awning including a sun canopy with built in wind breakers. This trailer tent is ideal for anyone with a lot of extra-curricular activities and in need of inside storage space, or anyone who enjoys a large indoor/outdoor living space to be able to relax to your fullest potential. 

Cabanon Mercury trailer tent

With a generous payload, you can pack up and still be able to tow the Mercury with almost any vehicle so there’s no excuse not to get on the road and get out there. 

Cabanon Mercury 
Optional underbed tents to sleep 44+4 underneath
Sun canopySize
Mesh panel ventilationTowing
SinkLength: 395cm
3 burner hobWidth: 125cm
Kitchen storage spaceTowing Height: 110cm
Wind down stready legsErected
Spare wheelLength: 710cm
Optional front box storageWidth: 440cm
Optional side storage bracketsMaximum Interior Height: 220cm
Optional carry rackLiving Space: 440 x 350cm
Slatted bed baseSun Canopy: 440 x 150cm


9 Pennine Conway Countryman

From £12,995

Pennine Conway Countryman trailer tent

Back to Pennine for the new Countryman. It’s narrower and lighter to tow than most other folding campers so there really is no excuse not to be out and about. With internal luxury to suit your every need – think hot running water and you’ll get the idea – this camper is for the newbie or the old-hand of the folding camper world. 

Pennine Conway Countryman trailer tent
Pennine Conway Countryman 
Running cold water4
Running hot waterSize
Integral heating systemTowing
Isacryl material windowsLength: 400cm
Scatter cushionsWidth: 184cm
Synthetic starter packTowing height: 130cm
Bound edge carpetWheels: 175 x 14”
Tv aerial pointErected
Phenolic coated birch bed boardsLength: 400cm
IXL lightweight fibreglass awning frameWidth: 420cm
Optional outdoor storageInternal Width: 173cm
Optional awning extensionMaximum Internal Height: 205cm
Optional extension for inner tent and dividing wall 
Optional bed skirts 

10 Holtkamper Kyte WindForce

From €22,995

Holtkamper Kyte WindForce trailer tent

A trailer tent from the future (well, Netherlands-based Holtkamper). The Kyte WindForce can be erected and packed away all through using air pressure. This is a seamless, stylish and still family orientated trailer tent with ample space inside. 


Features include a ‘climate chamber’ which keeps the entire tent at the perfect temperature and keeps away condensation on the rainy days. The pole free awning will be your best friend on those darker nights when usually you might be tripping over guy ropes, instead you can walk freely safe in the knowledge there won’t be any of those pesky hazards. 

Holtkamper Kyte WindForce trailer tent
Holtkamper Kyte WindForce 
WindForce® to erect and pack away2-7
Membrane Airco systemSize
Pack-N-Go systemErected
Integrated groundsheet in awningLength (approx.): 765cm
Canopy with side panelsWidth (approx.): 570cm
Stainless steel and carbon fibre tent frame 
Luxury integrated kitchen 
Compressor fridge 
Storage boxes 
Trailer skirt 
Brake ALKO chassis 
Integrated brake system 
Aluminium rims 
Spare wheel and support 
4 heavy duty steadies 
4 leg pads fixed to the steadies 
Soft top extender 
High resilience foam mattress 
Shock absorbers 
Slatted bed 
Pegs and pins set 
CEE plug 
Foldable step 
Optional water supply 

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