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You’ve sat for hours watching the white lines in the road whizz by, eventually turning to country road and a welcome patch of green that steadily becomes open countryside. The end of a long journey is in sight and you can’t wait to get set at the campsite and put the long journey behind you with a little local exploration. But what if you could cover more ground and return with the energy in the tank to cook dinner rather than default to a takeaway?

The electric bike has long been leaned upon by those in the motorhome world, but only in the past five years has the technology matured to the point where near enough all e-bikes on the market are a joy to ride and light enough to hoist easily on to your chosen racking. Gone are the days where heavy batteries and exposed wires made the experience a forgettable one. Today’s pedal-assisted products are sophisticated, able to pair with your mobile device and, as a result, have the capability to map and track your rides, send you alerts if a bike is being tampered with while you are stopped and plenty more.

The best bit? You’ll find that you are still getting plenty of exercise, all while extending the variety of rides you are capable of completing, generally moving a bit quicker toward your destination and, inevitably, just enjoying the experience, which will make you want to take the bike more often. In order to activate modern motors you have to pedal to engage an assistance that tops out at 15.5mph. If you would like to learn more about electric bikes, understand which products are best suited to your journeys and read up on some reviews head to our friends at


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