Top 10 best Motorhomes available now

Top 10 motorhomes of all shapes and sizes for the discerning adventurer.

With such a huge choice of new motorhomes on the UK market, Touring Magazine brings you its top 10 list for the discerning adventurer.

1 Best Campervan

Mercedes-Benz Magellan from Rolling Homes

from £47,995

Photos: Rolling Homes

We can’t pretend that the Magellan from Rolling Homes is a brand-new model; it has been around for a good few years now. But that’s the beauty of it – this campervan has stood the test of time and still comes up as one of the very best campervans you can buy today.

Hand crafted with beautiful oak furniture using traditional cabinet-making skills, you really will notice a difference in the interior finish between this top-of-the-range campervan and others.

The interior walls are insulated with sheep’s wool, one of the most eco-friendly insulation products, and lined with carpet. There are black-out curtains for a great night’s sleep and the kitchen worktop is made from Corian, utilised in top-of-the range home kitchens.

The high-end interior of the Magellan

It’s the Mercedes-Benz Vito 90hp 109 CDI as standard, but there are option upgrades to increase on-the-road performance, with 114hp, 163hp and 190hp engines, plus an automatic gearbox alternative.

2 Best Compact Leisure Vehicle

Fiat Ducato Sunlight Cliff 600

From £45,000

The Sunlight Cliff 600

For those needing more space but still wanting a compact leisure vehicle, rather than a full blown motorhome, the Sunlight Cliff 600 should tick all the boxes.

Still based on a panel van, the Sunlight Cliff 600 at a fraction under six metres in length would not be restrictive, even on a longer tour and with clever storage compartments, you will be surprised how much kit you can take with you.

However its size will allow you to negotiate the roads and places you could get to in a family car. 

Understated clean lines and tinted windows make for a camper that never looks out of place. And the RT Adventure edition, which comes with a rooftop sleeping solution is a seriously slick looking van.

A proper double transverse bed is a welcome luxury in a camper and the comfortable mattress makes this suitable for more than just the occasional bunk up!

The kitchen, with good size sink and combi hob is surprisingly spacious. And a high mounted 90L fridge is a welcome practical addition.

A well designed washroom with neat storage solutions comes complete with a swivel loo.

This is equally suitable for couples and young families and is priced to compete in this market.

The RT Adventure Edition

3 Best Electric

Nissan e-NV200 by Sussex Campervans


The all-electric e-NV200 campervan

Electric motorhomes are growing in popularity amongst eco-conscious tourers and our electric offering is from Sussex Campervans.

Sussex Campervans are well ahead of the game with their electric van. The e-NV200 was a long-term project for the Horsham-based firm and they have succeeded in producing a practical true electric camper to rival the fossil drinkers in style, power and range. 

And all-electric means just that. Down to the installation of an induction hob cooker, no fuel tanks of any kind are needed in this van. 

The base model was designed by Nissan as a city van, making it naturally agile and with a turning circle of only 11.1M, this would be equally equipped for those tight pitches or as a euro-camper negotiating the narrow streets of Paris or Rome.

Slimline it might be, but this camper has a generous amount of space inside making it a real leader in this field. 

The power source is 40kWh made of 4 lithium powercells providing 109HP.

Batteries are stored low, so as not to eat into the usable space, also giving this electric campervan a low centre of gravity for secure and smooth handling.

The bright and stylish interior of the e-NV200 campervan

This e-NV200 is available as two or four berth, with a pop-top elevating roof and a choice of layouts, plus the vast upholstery range and custom options that Sussex Campervans offer. 

Check out Touring Magazine’s exclusive road test of this all-electric van here.

4 Best Off Road

Hymer Vision Venture

Price tbc

Photos: Hymer

Okay, it’s not actually available just yet but can you find a cooler off-road camper?

Inspired by self-builders and vanlifers this four wheel drive concept from Hymer is designed to be the ultimate tourer.

Aptly named the VisionVenture this concept vehicle uses over 20 innovative materials and the technical know-how of BASF in order to deliver a forward looking response to current and future industry trends.

The VisionVenture looks like a true piece of military hardware and is obviously aimed at the extreme adventurer seeking to conquer the planet’s remotest corners.

Built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis, the doors, headlights and radiator grill have all been retained. But the windscreen has been shifted further forwards.

The wheel arch panel and selected body parts are produced using 3D printing techniques and the entire vehicle adopts a very fit-for-purpose feel.

Dark green ultra resilient paintwork isn’t just for show. Energy-efficient Chromacool technology from BASF reduces the surface temperature of the vehicle by 20°C and that of the interior by up to 4°C.
The roof is covered by a bank of solar panels adding to the VisionVenture’s off-grid credentials.

The smart modern interior combines futuristic materials and versatile layout

The interior, designed by Studio SYN brings more than a little luxury to your wild camp and the attention to innovative detail provides for a mind-blowing amount of versatility including a very smart space-saving Vario washroom.

Sleeping quarters in the pop-up are accessed by a clever staircase with integrated storage, the floor space becomes the living area and contains a very well equipped kitchen.

If your idea of touring is true escapism, you need look no further.

5 Best Family Compact Leisure Vehicle

Dreamer Select Family Van


Photos: Dreamer

Our family compact leisure vehicle is aptly named the Select Family Van from French van conversion company Dreamer

While still in the 6m conversion category the Dreamer Select has 5 berths including a drop-down double bed.

Ample room for a family adventure

Based again on the trusted Fiat Ducato, Dreamer has opted for the height of the H3 model which allows for this addition and also makes life far easier due to the standing space.

A campervan allows the adventurous family to explore those hidden away gems that would restrict coachbuilt motorhomes. 

Main living area and kitchenette are well designed and built with clever storage solutions and a large capacity fridge.

Modular bunks at the rear also allow for more storage in this area and the Dreamer Family Van comes with a full size washroom and inboard fresh and waste water tanks.

This is a practical choice for the travelling family, so well worth a look when considering a motorhome purchase.

6 Best Family Coachbuilt

Roller Team T-Line 743


Photos: Roller Team

A fantastically innovative use of space makes the T-Line 743 our choice of family motorhomes.

You will find storage spaces under beds, in the floor, not to mention external access garage locker unit and factory fitted bike rack.

Mum and Dad have the privacy of a rear bedroom with a transverse island double, cleverly raised to provide storage underneath, with the remaining two berths created from an electrically powered dropdown system over the L-shaped living area.

The kitchen is large and fully equipped for family cooking with a two fridges and work surfaces on either side of the sink, while swivelling captains and first mate’s seats allow for engaging mealtimes and after supper games.

This is also a cool looking vehicle. Based on the Fiat Ducato, it sports a dark metallic grey cab, bodywork graphics to match and a set of 16’’ alloys.

The modern and stylish interior of the T-Line 743

This is a sure footed yet nimble motorhome with power options going up to 178bhp and an auto box available.

There are a few quirky differences from other low profile, continental motorhomes which might raise an eyebrow from traditionalists, but these only serve to make the T-Line 743 a more attractive option as a family memory-maker.

7 Best Motorhome Under £50K

Auto-Trail Tribute F60


Photos: Auto-Trail

Our best value motorhome is this offering from Auto-trail. The tribute range gives you serious bang for your buck.

The Tribute F60 is a proper motorhome, with everything you would expect from this established maker.

Built on the new EcoBlue Ford Transit chassis, it is a sleek, low profile motorhome and comes with 130bhp engine as standard.

This is a demanding sector where the Tribute range excels. The F60 looks and feels like a vehicle well exceeding its price tag.

Tea for two – the F60 is perfect for couples

This is a two berth motorhome and is a more than comfortable living space for a couple, even on a long trip.

It includes features such as underfloor heating a generous rear washroom and an ergonomically designed kitchen. 

With the UK looking for a very different style of getaway, this motorhome will be sure to tick more than a few boxes for those who are new to the motor touring world.

8 Best Luxury Coachbuilt

Dethleffs Alpa A9820-2

From £129,000

Alpa motorhomes are renowned for luxury
Photos: Dethleffs

Dethleffs had to feature in this top 10 and the Alpa A9820-2 is the coach built choice for us.

Based on the Iveco Daily ladderframe chassis the A9820-2 is a big motorhome and comes in at 8.86m long making it a viable option for a full season.

The Alpa is pure luxury inside and clad in Virginia Oak.

There is a huge panoramic U shaped seating/dining area with glass fronted cabinets. And a separate shower cubicle that could be straight out of a plush hotel!

Luxury apartment or motorhome?

The over cab sleeping quarters leave a vast amount of space downstairs for cooking, eating and relaxing. 

From the outside this is also a smart looking piece of kit, especially when dressed in the optional metallic Titansilver. 

The Dethleffs Alpa range has become the couples favourite and offers motorhomes with excellent style.

You will have to go a long way to find a better coachbuilt.

Washroom – the view from above

9 Best A Class

Hymer B-Class Supreme Line 708

From £93,750

Hymer's A Class motorhomes have a luxurious amount of space
Photos: Hymer

Our chosen A-Class is called a B-class, but don’t let that confuse you. Hymer named this the B-Class Supreme Line 708 and it really is supreme!

A-class motorhomes were always aimed at the seasoned adventurous couple, for cross continental mile munching in style. And the SL 708 will provide everything and more to this sector.

A classy interior awaits

The Supreme Line is built on the Fiat Ducato AL-KO super light chassis which creates a deeper floor in which to contain all the services and a huge garage compartment.

This leaves a luxurious amount of space in the living quarters, the interior is far more chic apartment than motorhome. The shower even has real glass doors!

You can really imagine taking a leisurely tour of Provence in perfect comfort. 

Lovingly crafted and upholstered in high grade fabrics and leathers, the options list seems endless.

There are some pretty smart A-Classes out there, but the Supreme Line 708 will take some beating.

10 Best RV

Stephex STX Motorhome

From around £550,000

Here we are at the final frontier of motorhomes, the RV, the American dream…Well, this one’s from Belgium! 

Stephex are leading manufacturers of equine transporters and now produce what we think is the finest RV, no horsing around – the STX Motorhome.

So why an RV? Just because it’s bigger and better than anything else? 

Well it is, but you’ve got to have somewhere to keep it, a licence to drive it and somewhere to take it!

Based on the 26 ton Mercedes Actros Gigaspace, this is a truly awesome machine. The super yacht of motorhomes, a 5 star hotel suite on wheels.

Leather upholstery, precious woods and tiled floors. Full size fitted kitchen, underfloor heating and a washing machine.

Every part of this former equine transporter oozes luxury

The sides pop out in either two or three places to give you even more space when stationary. 

The air conditioned double bedroom has a 1.6m bed and 32” TV and there is another 40” flatscreen in the living area.

STX Motorhomes also have an onboard car garage that will happily house a mini cooper.

Which would be handy for when you reach your destination, as the STX is not a suitable daily drive and would prove tricky at the local supermarket carpark!

You really could swap your house for this without compromising on any aspect. And looking at the price tag, you’d probably have to!


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